Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Apricot Year

Martha's New Novel!


Luli Russell never imagines the hurricanes, figurative and real, that will roar through her life when she turns fifty. A traditional Green Bay housewife, she has buried her artistic talent under the demands of family. For her birthday, her husband Herb and their four children give her a trip to Santa Fe on her own, a month of painting lessons, and an enviable set of watercolors.

A hysterical call from her teenage daughter turns her dream trip into a nightmare. Minutes later, still in shock, Luli finds a bleeding man lying helpless in a parking lot. Her call for help is answered by Adán Alire, a former medic in Vietnam. He knows how to rescue the old man, and his kindhearted wife, Rosealba, knows how to help Luli rescue herself.An Apricot Year throws together a quartet of dissimilar people who find their common humanity outweighs their differences as they meet in the shade of a bountiful apricot tree.

Martha's New Tree!

Just as Papalote Press released my new novel, An Apricot Year, Santa Fe's apricots burst into bloom. I promise we didn't plan it that way–honest! We had a wonderful week of spring weather, all the other fruit trees got into the blooming act, and then ... we had a snowstorm that dumped about four inches of snow on everything. And the next day, another couple of inches. I went outside and took photos of my newest little apricot, bursting with snowy blooms. 

Then the sun came out. The blossoms seem quite fine. Will it still be an apricot year? We can only hope.