Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear Editor,

The country is in financial trouble. Many are jobless, many have lost their homes and livelihoods. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan, have left hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians dead, millions homeless, and those countries’ infrastructure decimated. Most of this devastation, caused by US might, is surely drawing many fundamentalists to the jihadist movement. We will be paying for our soldiers’ deaths and crippling injuries, as well as their families’ welfare, for decades to come. By invading Iraq, we squandered the goodwill extended to us after 9/11 by Muslims and others worldwide horrified by the violence of nineteen crazies.

Barack Obama has been in office for eighteen months. Did his government cause the mess our country’s in? The health care bill, while not perfect, is a vast improvement over the status quo for millions. Even knowledgeable conservatives believe the stimulus efforts are working, if slowly. The BP oil spill was handled better than Katrina.

Throw the bastards out? And then what? Bring back the free-market Republicans who over the course of eight years facilitated greedy brokers’ and bankers’ theft of people’s hard-earned savings, jobs, and homes? The officials who handcuffed regulators and inspectors in favor of polluters and suppliers of unsafe food and drugs? The immoral creeps who lied to the public about Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction? The Republican leadership that approved of kidnapping, torture, murder and endless imprisonment of people convicted of no crimes? The Katrina mess?

Vote Republican and you’ll get more of the same chaos, corruption, embarrassment, and stupidity we saw during the Bush years. Vote for the Tea Party and you’ll get an even more clueless, self-centered lot of primarily white men making over $200,000 only looking out for themselves.

Obama is not perfect; Diane Denish is not perfect, nor are any of our Democrat representatives. But before you vote experienced, highly qualified, ethical Democrats out of office, THINK--for yourself and for the good of us all.


Martha Egan

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  1. Querida, you are right on so many levels.
    Democrats don't seem to have a back bone, especially when it comes to Blue Dogs.

    This country haves alot problems and it has to do with:
    People with money/in power - corrupting the system for their own gain.
    Shall we call them Corporations.
    Politicians worried their jobs [seeking re-election] instead of doing their job.
    So who arfe we voting for?